Opening to Channel


Learn how to connect with your highest Spirit Guide and verbally channel their wisdom 

As someone who has been aware of my guide for the whole of my life and has verbally channelled since the late 1990s, I know how valuable this connection is. I feel privileged to be able to pass this skill on to others through this course.

What is channelling?

“Channelling is the means by which you can make a direct connection with a non-physical or  discarnate being called a guide.”  ('Channelling, What it is and How to do it'  by Lita de Alberdi)

Everyone has a spirit guide, a loving being of light who is there to support and help you during your life on earth.  This two day course will connect you with your guide and enable you to verbally channel their wisdom.

Hundreds of people have used the techniques taught in this workshop to make a successful connection with their spirit guide, safely and gently. They have been taught for many years in England at the School of the Living Light by Lita de Alberdi, author of 'Channelling: What it is and how to do it', and her guide Ortan, who also worked in America with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, channels for Orin and DaBen and authors of Opening to Channel. I am a graduate of the School of the Living Light and, together with my guide Shaman, I offer the same course as taught by Lita and Ortan.

It is not necessary to be psychic or have any special training to take this course, just an open mind and a willingness to connect.

You will be able to connect safely with a high level guide whose purpose is to provide you with support and loving guidance. Guides never direct or control you, as their role is to help you gain the power and understanding to find that inner strength to follow your own path.

Before you join the class, you will be sent recordings to help prepare you for this wonderful experience and to bring all students up to the same level.

At the Opening to Channel workshop you will work individually and in a group, learning how to:

  • Call in, connect with and verbally channel your highest guide.
  • Maintain correct trance posture.
  • Channel high level information.
  • Give readings to others.
  • Receive personal guidance.
  • Channel information for your spiritual and personal growth.

 This includes a channelled question and answer session with my guide Shaman and free downloads to help you develop your channelling.

All course costs include tuition, tea and coffee during breaks, a light lunch and a crystal. Non-returnable and non-transferable deposit of £100 payable in advance. Venue: Tripps Hill Close, Chalfont St Giles (details given when booking)


Courses with two or more students cost £230 per person. Find the downloadable booking form link below. 

Email to go on the mailing list for information on future course dates or if you have any queries. 

One-to-One courses are also available at a cost of £260 and take one day. Dates negotiable. Contact  for further information.

Overseas courses and other venues in the UK may be arranged, subject to expenses being paid by students in addition to the course fee. By spreading the cost, this will probably be cheaper for students than travelling to the UK.

Downloadable Booking forms:

      MSword Document   Opening to Channel Booking Form Word Document

      Printable PDF file        Opening to Channel Booking Form PDF

Feedback from students:

Did the course live up to your expectations? "Although I had no expectations as I couldn't even imagine what to expect, I am astonished! It was amazing! Thank you!"

The best thing about the course? "I feel safe."   "The practical work with different people and ourselves and also a very secure energy."    "Connecting with your guide and soul meditation."   "Very good supportive atmosphere, wonderful group, super teacher. Feeling of being a channel is very good."   "Elle's encouraging words and faith in me." 

How would you describe the course to someone thinking of taking it? "A good practice for seekers on the spiritual path."  "Most probably anyone who's on the path of self-awareness should do it. The benefit is to be connected to yourself."   "Very good teacher who will go at your pace and explains well."

Any other feedback about the course? "It was really very interesting and a positive experience and I feel humble and grateful for this time."   "I learned what I came to learn. The teacher is very clear. Very nice working with you and your guide. Very much enjoyed the wisdom that has been imparted to me."

"Very nice teacher, very supportive and patient. It made me trust channelling, feel more confident practising it."

"Thank you! Thank you for coming here. I think this is the best thing I have learned for years." [Comments from a student of an Opening to Channel course taught in Europe]