Crystal Gifts

Crystals have been used for centuries in healing and for ritual decoration. Each crystal vibrates to its own unique frequency and emits certain energies. These energies may be used for internal and external physical issue and also to help with mental issues, including stress, anxiety, depression and related illnesses like insomnia.*

If you would like to give a crystal as a gift, you will need to provide me with basic information on the person to whom it will be given and whether it needs to address any particular issue.

I will research the most appropriate crystal for that person and suggest some alternatives within a budget agreed with you. You choose which crystal you would like, or leave the choice to me. I will cleanse the crystal and attune it to the recipient's specific needs. It will come in a gift box with information on what it is and why it was chosen.

Cost: £30 plus the cost of the specific crystal which will be agreed with you before ordering and will depend on the size and type of crystal, starting from as little as £5.

Email: for further information or to order.

*Please note, there is no scientific proof of the healing ability of crystals. They should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment but they may enhance other therapies and support well-being.