Stress Management

We all experience stress at times and some more than others. Mindfulness as a means of coping with stress is gaining popularity. It is about focussing on the here and now and blocking out the distractions of everyday life - effectively a form of meditation.

One of my main concerns is the stress children and young adults face and I have been working to promote relaxation techniques in this age group for several years now.

I teach simple relaxation to younger children, and deeper, more targeted meditation for young adults, in particular helping them to focus on managing their workload and visualising their exams running smoothly. 

One to one sessions can be provided, and/or a personalised meditation which can be downloaded and played on an MP3 player or phone at any time.

One to one sessions cost £10 each for half an hour and a recorded meditation costs £30.

Meditation is. Ot complicated, weird, or difficult. It is relaxing, rewarding and genuinely helpful inmmanaging stress. Anyone can do it.